Your book was an inspiration in so many ways. First and foremost is your ability as a writer. You have set a standard I will always seek.

Elayne is an award-winning writer and journalist whose work appears in a variety of publications internationally.  Articles and feature stories have appeared in such publications as  Earth Times, On the Issues, Poets & Writers, The Christian Science Monitor, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vermont Magazine, SE Asia Traveler, Porthole, and The Washington Post. Online her work has appeared on such sites as Women’s Media Center, OpEd News, WomensENews, Toward Freedom, ESL Magazine, and Chiang Mai Mail.

She has published a dozen books in a variety of genres and serves as Sr. Correspondent for the New Delhi, India-based international syndicate Women’s Feature Service.  She is a regular columnist for the Keene (NH) Sentinel and the Brattleboro (Vt.) Commons as well as a book reviewer for The Brattleboro Reformer and the New York Journal of Books.

Poetry and prose works have appeared in publications such as Epiphany Magazine, Seven Circles Press, Third Wednesday, Curbside Review, Global Human, Colere and THEMA. Sweet Honey in the Rock has set one of her poems to music. Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies including several Chicken Soup for the Soul books, Misdiagnosis: Woman as a Disease, To Honor a Teacher, and Living Lessons.

Academic credits include the Journal of Gender Studies, National Women’s Studies Assn. Journal, Journal of Health Communication, and Health Education Research.

Books Authored/Anthologies Edited:

Telling It Like It Is: Reflections of A Not So Radical Feminist. KIT Inc, 1991

But Do They Have Field Experience!.  OGN Publications, 1993 (anthology)

The Road to Radicalism: Further Reflections of A Frustrated Feminist. OGN, 1994

Demons Dancing in My Head: Collected Poems 1985 – 1995. OGN, 1995

Croning Tales. OGN, 1996

To New Jersey, With Love and Apologies. OGN, 1999

Other People, Other Lands. OGN, 1999

Love Letters to Vermont: A New England Journal. OGN, 2001

Sanity for All in the 21st Century:  Reflections of a Fin de’ Siecle Feminist. Xlibris, 2002

Women’s Experiences with the Mental Health Establishment. Ed., Haworth Press, 2004

Women, Philanthropy and Social Change: Visions for a Just Society. Ed, UPNE Press, 2005; 2007

Achan: A Year of Teaching in Thailand. Bangkok Books, 2007

Hester’s Daughters (novel-in-submission, 2011)

Birth Ambassadors: Doulas and the Re-Emergence of Woman-Supported Childbirth in the United States (with Christine Morton, in submission, 2011)