Writing Workshops

Thank you for making me feel supported at a time in my life when the very ground itself seemed to have vanished from beneath my feet. I appreciate you.

Want to write about your life?
Find meaning in everyday events?
Sharpen your storytelling techniques?
Learn how to craft opinion editorials?
Know more about self-publishing?
Refine and improve your work?

Various workshops, ranging from a few hours to a week-long series, can be designed with your needs in mind. Check out these sample workshops and if you’d like to find out more or inquire about costs and scheduling, please write to:
eclift@vermontel.net or call toll free: 1-866-869-2686.

Maiden, Mother, Crone: Writing Ourselves to Wisdom

“There was a time when you were full of laughter….”
“Mother love was the first of all loves….”
“The wisdom of the Crone is that mysterious quality called ‘intuition’.”

In early history, women experienced three recognized passages in their lives. As “maidens” they were pure and carefree; as “mothers” they were nurturing caretakers; and as “crones” they were honored for their spirituality and wisdom. In this workshop, we explore our journey to adulthood and “women’s ways of knowing.”

Writing Our Lives: Who We Are, Why We’re Special

This workshop explores the meaning of personal experience through observation, imagination, and what Henry James called “the process of vision.” Through facilitated exercises and listening to the words of others, we sharpen our own creative expression and exchange ideas about the forces that shape us.

Satiric Souls: Writing with Wit, Wisdom and Humor!

Want to write about your life in a variety of forms honestly and with reflection, but without falling down the dark hole of humorless self- absorption? Writing exercises will draw upon our unique experiences, memory, feelings, intuition…and sense of humor! We will also read some hysterically funny writers’ work.

Writing From the Spiritual, Creative and Political Self

We often lead divided lives. We have productive, reproductive, and community roles, and we must often respond to expectations in all three. But in that private sphere where we really reside, what do we know, feel and think? Through facilitated exercises, and in the spirit of support, we will explore our own reality and how the world reacts to it.

Barriers to Beginnings: Encouraging Your Muse

Feeling blocked? Come meet your muse and unlock your creative self! On this writing journey, we will explore different ways to write your way to identity. We’ll share ideas, images, language, and experience and come out crafting stories and poems — and that’s a promise!

The Writer in All of Us: From Memory to Magic

What do you recall from childhood? What traditions are important to you and why? Who was important in your life? The laughter and sorrow of our remembered lives is rich with surprise. Discover the gifts you offer in this workshop of celebration.

Women and Memoir

“What would happen if just one woman told the truth about her life?” Women like Tillie Olsen, Carolyn Heilbrun and Joanna Russ knew the answer to that question: As Muriel Rukeyser said, “The world would split apart.” Many great women writers took the risk of telling their stories and the truth of their lives and it changed the world of literature. This workshop will explore memoir as a genre and will guide participants as they record and tell their stories.

How to Publish Your Book without Asking Permission

Thinking about self-publishing? Join the growing number of entrepreneurial writers who are getting their work out there independently. This workshop, conducted by a successfully self-published author, covers the nuts and bolts and focuses on mindset, motivation, and other less tangible but important aspects of the pleasures and pitfalls of self-publication.

Reading and discussion groups are also available. Topics and timing can be negotiated and tailored to meet specific group interests. Here are some samples:

  • From Chekov to Carver: Classic short stories
  • Cross-cultural Pleasures: Short stories by writers from other countries
  • Americans Abroad: Travel writing by and for those with wanderlust
  • Women’s Memoirs
  • 20th Century Women Writers
  • Great American Novels